Office Simplification Automation Management Software for CA, CS, CWA, Tax Consultants, Advocates & Others

Making every step easier in managing your every complicated task in just minutes! Change your first picture that comes to every individual’s mind - books, papers, excel sheets replacing it with automation. Managing all the documents and inventory at one place while also having clarity in assigning the tasks.



Features that takes care of your better management

Client Details

Keep an organized list of all your client data and get an overview with Customer Index for better management to increase work productivity.

User Friendly Dashboard

A user-friendly secured hub for maintaining every important data at one place instead of staggered data with an overview of all the tasks as well as resources.

Work Status

Know the task status according to the functionality and is non editable. Task status consists of pending tasks, in process and completed which are set automatically.

Staff Efficiency

Know about your workforce and their strength to accordingly work on their lacking skills and push them towards increasing their productivity.

Billing & Invoicing

Create and record all your amounts paid, payable or receivable with the “Osam” feature of Billing and Invoicing.

Leave Management

Manage leaves of the staff with the Attendance section showing a complete record of leaves so to have better leave management.

Inward / Outward

Take control of all your inwards and outwards for better management with a perfect set of management tools that helps in keeping an eye on every activity for increased productivity.

Task List

All the tasks are listed with a due date so you have an overview of the task assigned.You can manage change status, allot users, check activity, filter and much more.

Appointment Management

Manage all your appointments with OSAM eliminating manual paperwork and freeing up more time for employees to focus on other tasks.

Cost monitoring

Estimate, allocate, and control overall costs with an advanced set of tools helps in making every step easier along with reducing the chances of budget overrun.

Inbuilt Notifications

Send the task through mails to the staff according to the allotted work. Staff receives it in a form of notification and can carry out them accordingly within the timeline.

DSC Management

Get to know about the DSC status. Get pre informed about DSC expiry before it expires with getting notification about it so that you don't miss that out.

Work Automation

OSAM automates your day-to-day work efficiently. As with its features such as Auto Task Creation, Auto Assignment, Auto Billing Tool, record of outstanding dues, one doesn’t feel any hurdle in keeping a track of every detail of the client and their work.

Task Management

Now managing tasks is no more a hustle. One is able to manage every task at one platform. Track every detail of your each task. Starting from, to whom it is assigned to when it started as well as the end date. Osam simplifies your task management through proper information of all the tasks.

  • Task Creator
  • Task Assignment
  • Task list

Complete Control of Cash Flows and Inventory

Managing the work productivity helps you have full control over the cash flows without any complexity. Maintaining all the data at one place. Having clarity about the work avoiding delays. Track the amounts paid, payable or receivable so to have an overall view on your cash flows to according work on it to have a balance on everything.

Team Management

Keep complete control over all your tasks and manage your team effectively. You are able to create and assign the tasks for all your clients in one go. Adding unlimited users like admin staff etc and granting the rights which you want to allow them. The task allocated to teams or individuals is directly sent through mail received to that particular individual or team. With this you are able to manage a team with increased productivity.


Your Office Management Software To Manage All Your Task, Documents, Billing and Your Clients.

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Manage your workforce with OSAM helping in knowing the staff efficiency. Optimize the productivity of employees with smart tools of OSAM, strategically allocating the task, people and resources. Also track the attendance.


Plan your day and schedule tasks for the employee, directly assigning them tasks so that they complete the right tasks at the right time in a systematic manner. Also monitor your tasks allotted to employees through various stages with the help of their status.


OSAM helps in having control over process management with automation and innovation. You can now directly assign the task to every employee accordingly and can get to know the time taken by each employee on a particular task so as to push them towards completing it before the deadlines.


Automate every process of your office management to simplify it for better efficiency and for better output. Starting from client details to assigning of the task has become quite easier with OSAM providing a secure hub to store every detail and manage with advanced tools.


Manage your expenses with advanced tools integrating with billing and invoicing. OSAM gives you the accuracy to manage your expenses with the right information. Your spending should be in control for managing your cash flows and accordingly balancing it.


Still carrying out the old way to track your inventory with pen, paper and spreadsheets? Replace it with OSAM, your office simplification automation management software that carries all your burden to set you stress free.

Go Smart With The Right Solution That Works For Your Better Management!


How It Works


    The system starts with the process of registration where one needs to register himself by adding his/her firm name and filling out every required field.


    Once done with adding a firm's name one needs to add the client list. You can add clients and their details to manage the client index in an effortless manner.


    It is interlinked with the client management as when we add a client we can directly assign the task of that particular client to the staff member to whom we want to assign.


    Type of Work is grouped in the form of a package according to the client and its work. The package consists of a combination of tasks the staff has to perform.

  • Staffs

    You can add a single or even multiple staff members through filling out their required details. Select the right you want to give to each user accordingly assigning them the task.

  • Billing

    Now manage your billing and invoices effortlessly, according to the amounts paid, payable or receivable. It manages and improves your billing adding efficiency.

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